CleanWaterTech has developed and designed a complete solution – CWT Waterworks –  for producing drinking water out of available water such as ground-, surface-, process and used water

CWT Waterworks can be solitaire or combined to many for creating a Water Park for cities, villages, refugee camps. One unit capacity from 200 – 1000 m3/24hrs.

CWT Waterworks can be a:

  • Fixed installation for a village, city or region
  • Movable and transportable installation for emergency and some time.

CWT Waterworks include:

  • CWT ClO2 system
  • CWT Water Management system installed
  • Minimum 3 barriers of water disinfection
  • Cleaning efficiency of 94% of incoming water
  • Energy efficient
  • Built in power supply driven by solar, oil, gas, pellets or chips
  • Security system included

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