SPA100 is a chlorine-free water treatment package for SPA baths and smaller pools. Easy to use and effective against organic pollutants. Solves biofilm in baths and pipe systems.



CleanWaterTech, in collaboration with manufacturers and vendors of SPA baths and smaller pools, has developed the product SPA100.

The SPA100 dissolves biofilm and is very effective for killing organic contaminants and bacteria without giving the water any odor or taste.

The dissolution of the biofilm is very important as it is a breeding ground and “greenhouse” for bacteria and organic pollutants.

The SPA100 box contains up to 3 months of consumption at a weekly dose for a volume of up to 2,000 liters.

• Easy to use
• Fast-acting – effectively disinfects the water from organic pollutants
• Solves biofilm that is the basis for microorganisms
• Efficient than chlorine
• Do not attack pipe, plastic, rubber, heat pump material
• Leaves no smell or taste
• Do not release organic heavy and harmful pollutants
• Environmentally friendly – can be emptied into the usual drainage
• Does not contain alcohol