Owning a spa or hot tub provides you with the ultimate relaxation tool. The hot water relieves you of stress, the massaging jets take care of stiff muscles and tiredness. If only taking care of the water was just as relaxing.

For years, spa owners had to use chlorine to sanitize spa water. And although chlorine tablets are highly effective, the use is smelly, unpleasant and often causing skin irritations. Thanks to Swedish CleanWaterTech, there finally is a perfect alternative: SPA100!

SPA100 is a new way to disinfect water in spas. The product consists of two liquids that are mixed in a special container just before use.
Adding the mixture to the spa water colors it lightly yellow.
As soon as the color has vanished, the water is sanitized and the spa is ready to be used.

SPA100 is effective without using chlorine, marking an important step forward in water treatment. Not only does it take care of organic contamination, it also breaks down the biofilm that acts as a growing ground for micro-organisms.

SPA100 is developed and manufactured by the Swedish CleanWaterTech company building upon its many years of experience with disinfecting contaminated available water into drinkable water. After the SPA100 has disinfected the water, the product itself has disappeared, making the spa water free of bacteria, without odors and taste. This also guarantees the water to be discharged safely into any sewer system. SPA100 is skin friendly (no chlorine!) and very easy to use. It comes in a carton box containing two 1 liter bottles and a mixing container. This is sufficient to disinfect a normal spa with one treatment every week during a three months period. 

The SPA100 box contains up to 3 months of consumption at a weekly dose for a volume of up to 2,000 liters. 

    • Easy to use
    • Fast-acting – effectively disinfects the water from organic pollutants
    • Solves biofilm that is the basis for microorganisms
    • Efficient than chlorine
    • Do not attack pipe, plastic, rubber, heat pump material
    • Leaves no smell or taste
    • Do not release organic heavy and harmful pollutants
    • Environmentally friendly – can be emptied into the usual drainage
    • Does not contain alcohol
    • 100% chlorine free


Watch the video how easy it is to use SPA100