SPA Starter

Boost your Spa!

At CleanWaterTech we have developed the SPA Starter to use when you buy and install your first spa or when you want an effective solution without chlorine. SPA Starter is a 100 % chlorine free solution for effective disinfection and decontamination of water and pipe systems in spa baths, hot tubs, smaller pools and Jacuzzis.
SPA Starter is to use in a new spa to disinfect the remaining contaminated water in the pipe system or to use in your present spa when changing water treatment solutions to SPA 100 from earlier treatment, such as chlorine. SPA Starter is also excellent to use after intensive bathing.
SPA Starter effectively dissolves biofilm that is the growing ground for microorganisms. Leaves no taste or smell and is environmentally friendly. SPA Starter is a two-component water treatment solution consisting of 250 ml A1 and 250 ml Bas1. A1 is mixed together with Bas1 to a very effective chlorine dioxide solution. SPA Starter is designed and effective for a water volume up to 2000 liters. SPA Starter leaves no taste or smell and is environment friendly.

SPA Starter contains:
• One bottle with A1, containing 250 ml of water solution of 9% Hydrochloride solution
• One bottle with Bas1, containing 250 ml of water solution of 7% Sodium chlorite solution
• One instruction
• Sustainability: unopened bottles, 2 years from production date for both A1 and Bas1

For continuous disinfection and contamination of the spa water and to prohibit the growth of biofilm, we recommend SPA 100, a 100% chlorine free and environmental friendly CleanWaterTech product.