Pipe Cleaner

How effective is the product you use to clean your spa and its pipes? Is it effective against bacteria, viruses and solves biofilm in your spa, pool or hot tub? It is difficult to see, smell or measure purity and be sure of clean water.
We at CleanWaterTech have developed Pipe Cleaner to use when buying and installing your first spa or when you want an effective solution without chlorine.
Pipe Cleaner is a 100% chlorine free solution for efficient water purification and disinfection for spa and hot tubs, smaller pools and Jacuzzis.
Pipe Cleaner, use a new spa to disinfect water residues in the pipes left in the manufacturer’s tests or to use in your existing spa when switching to CleanWaterTech’s product SPA100 from, for example, chlorine-based products.

• Easy to use
• Fast-acting – effectively disinfects the water from organic pollutants
• Solves biofilm that is the basis for microorganisms
• Efficient than chlorine
• Do not attack pipe, plastic, rubber, heat pump material
• Leaves no taste or smell
• Do not release organic heavy and harmful pollutants
• Environmentally friendly – can be emptied into the usual drainage
• Does not contain alcohol

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