Clean Tank

Water purification for water tanks in boats, caravans, and  motorhomes

Do we dare to drink the water from our own water tank? That is a common issue and a problem that we usually resolve by bringing water from our home or by buying water at stores.

CleanWaterTech has together with leading manufacturers and sellers of boats, campers and caravans,  developed products for easy and effective cleaning and disinfecting of tanks. Clean Tank is designed for a tank volume up to 200 litres. The product dissolves the biofilm and is highly effective for killing bacteria and organic impurities without giving the water any smell or taste. Resolution of the biofilm is very important because it is a breeding ground and “greenhouse” for bacteria and organic pollutants.

Clean Tank is a 2-component product to be used for decontamination of water for a long period or for a new season. Clean Tank consists  50 ml of A1 and 50 ml of BAS1. A1 and BAS1 are mixed into an effective chlorine dioxide solution that leaves no taste or smell and are environmentally friendly.