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CleanWaterTech CWT AB

Responsible and Functions

Position Name Contact information
Managing Director, CEO Susanne Flyckt Sandström +46 73-388 34 25
IT and Security Manager CTO Edvard Larsson + 46 705 130 120
Swedish Supervisory Authority Datainspektionen + 46 8 657 61 00

The responsible organisation for all management of personal information within CleanWaterTech is the head office at the registered address in Stockholm:

Cleanwatertech CWT AB Upplandsgatan17
S-113 60 Stockholm, Sweden

CleanWaterTech’s handling of personal data

The purpose of Cleanwatertech CWT AB´s (hereinafter CWT) handling of personal data is not to collect more data than necessary to deliver the company water purification and recycling services.

The collection of information aims to provide the opportunity to deliver products, services, invoicing, transport documents, newsletters and support to the customers.

No data may be collected by CWT for other purposes without the consent of CWT’s customers.

In terms of sales to individuals, processing of personal data is necessary for the agreement with the registered person to be concluded or completed.

Regarding sales to companies or organizations, the processing of personal data is necessary in view of the legitimate interest that the service / product may be delivered to the registered persons whom the business customer provided information about. In addition to this, the processing of personal data concerning contact persons at companies is necessary in view of the legitimate interest that CWT should come into contact with the business customer.

CWT also processes personal data to take into account the legitimate interest in being able to provide information about offered services / products to customers.

Personal data for processing are mainly collected from the registered person. In exceptional cases, credit information or control at the tax office may occur.

What is classified as personal data?

All data that can be used to identify a physical person is classified as personal data, including:

  • Name
  • Company organisation number
  • VAT number
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • IP address

Storage of personal data

All personal data must be stored in a secure form, only your authorized personnel, the customer or persons whom the customer has given access to. Qualified staff at CWT are appointed by CWT’s CEO or CTO. In connection with obtaining a license, it is the responsibility of the CEO or CTO to ensure that the person understands and signs this document.

Automatic deletion of personal data

In the event that a customer does not use or purchase any of CWT’s delivered services or products within a 24-month period, the customer personal information will be automatically deleted. Data in third party systems will also be deleted in connection with this.

Deletion of personal data

A user may request removal from all CWT systems and third-party systems at any time. This can be done by email to
Such request is executed within one week (7 workdays).

Ability to correct and change data

A customer and user have the opportunity at any time to correct, update or change their information by email to .


You are always entitled to file a complaint with the Swedish Authority Datainspektionen if you believe we violate the rules. From 25th May 2018 there is an e-service for this on the Datainspektionen website, . Datainspektionen receives your notification and decides on supervision.

Use of third party systems

The CWT uses the following third-party systems in which user’s personal data are stored:

Function Stored information Third-Party
Invoice / bookkeeping E-mail, phone number, name and address, company organisation number and VAT number Fortnox AB

E-mail –


E-mail and name Sendblaster
Bank transactions/payments Name Swedbank/Nordea
CRM system Name, address, phone number, company organization number, VAT number och E-mail Lime AB
Web shop Name, address, phone number, company organization number, VAT number, E-mail and IP address Woocommerce

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