Important information about GDPR and CleanWaterTech’s newsletter and customer register

We wish to provide you with information regarding our newsletters and our customer register in accordance with the new data protection regulation GDPR.
The data we store in our registry is contact person, phone number, e-mail, company name, company organization number, and notes about orders for CleanWaterTech’s products.
The purpose with our mailings and newsletters is to inform you and to offer you our products and services.

If you for any reason do not want to get e-mail from us or to remain in our customer register, click the link below and notify us.

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Legal information

Our newsletters and mailings are addressed to companies and individuals who are customers or shown interest in CleanWaterTech’s products and services. We may also use your company and personal information for professional contacts. The legal basis for the treatments is so-called balance of interest
Your information will not be forwarded to third parties for their own use or transferred to non-EU / EEA countries. The data is saved until you request it be deleted or when we get information that  the data is out of date. You may at any time request the cancellation, access, rectification, deletion, restriction or transfer of your personal information.

If you have questions or are not satisfied with how CleanWaterTech processes your personal information, you are always welcome to contact us at gdpr@cleanwatertech.se . You also have the opportunity to contact the Swedish regularity authority.

Read more about CleanWaterTechs GDPR policy here!